Coming into Alexander technique was new territory for me, and it was all the more valuable for it. Previously, I had not learned or practiced much in the way of using my body effectively, and Emily gave me tools for better awareness of my body and, more importantly, my self as a whole.
— Jessie Hardy, musician and barista
My list of ‘best practices’ as an improviser come from Emily’s coaching. Things like “if you are interested in what you are doing then the audience will be too” taught me how to take my improvising from fun dancing to performance technique
— Sarah Chien, dancer
I found Emily & Alexander Technique through one of her other students, whose presence and posture was so noticeably lovely I asked him his secret. I feel so fortunate to now be under her instruction - as a dancer and runner, there are so many places I hold tension in my body that she has helped me to notice and release. In addition to the physical improvements, Emily’s way of explaining and ingraining the philosophical aspects of Alexander Technique is extraordinary - every time I leave a lesson, I feel better mind, body & soul.
— Michelle Miller, writer