Bio-mechanics, Modern Neuro-science and Anatomy

Combined with  a Bit of Zen

Link to the Thinking Person's Guide to the Alexander Technique



What is the Alexander Technique?

Scientifically simple and accurate principles of posture and coordination combined with an holistic approach to how our thinking affects our movement


Who Studies the Alexander Technique?

Anyone who wants to feel better and perform better

Anyone who is motivated to be their best selves

Anyone who is interested in psycho-physical unity (mind-body unity)




By standing and moving with optimal balance, you reduce aches, pains and strains.


Are you doing physical therapy?  If you do your exercises with the optimal balance and alignment, your exercises will be much more effective.


Dancers, actors, musicians, comedians – are calmer, more graceful, more “present” and more dynamic when they apply the Alexander Technique.


Whether recreational, student or professional, I can help you play with greater speed, power, agility and focus; and not coincidentally, reduce, heal, and avoid injuries. 


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